Membership Dues apply to the calendar year ending December 31. Annual Dues to renew membership for the following year should be paid in full on or before December 31.

Don't forget to renew your membership! The Bylaws have been amended to eliminate the grace period for renewals. Any member who elects not to renew will be dropped from the membership roster if Annual Dues are not received by December 31.

To apply for new membership, you may download and print a copy of the Radio Club of Tacoma Membership Application Form. Then fill in the requested information and send the form by mail with your personal check or money order made payable to "Radio Club of Tacoma" to the address shown on the bottom of the form. Forms are also available at the Clubhouse. Renewals are done on personalized forms provided by the Membership Committee.

Annual Dues:

  • Full Members - $35
  • Additional Family Members - $20
    • Applies to each licensed Additional Family Member living in the same household (maximum two)
    • Annual Dues are waived for more than two
  • Students - $20
  • Seniors (65+) - $30
  • Lifetime Membership - 20 times applicable Annual Dues
  • Associate Membership - applies to any Member who does not have an amateur radio license
    • same rates apply
    • non-voting
  • Promotional Membership - Annual Dues are waived upon request for the balance of current year for:
    • a new member who completes the Radio Club of Tacoma New Ham Training class, and
    • successfully passes the Technician License Exam at a following RCT VE testing session
    • non-voting
  • New members who join in second half of the year:
    • Jul-Oct - Annual Dues for the balance of the current year are reduced by 50%
    • Nov-Dec - Annual Dues are applied to the balance of the current year through the end of the following year
  • See Bylaws for details, limitations, and conditions.

ARRL MEMBERSHIP - The Radio Club of Tacoma is a Special Service Club of the ARRL. Club members are encouraged to join the ARRL. Click here for information on ARRL membership and renewals.