Field Day 2017

W7DK will be on the air for ARRL Field Day, which is held every year on the fourth full weekend in June.


See ARRL website.


W7DK will operate Field Day at Western State Hospital, 9601 Steilacoom Boulevard SW, Lakewood, WA.

During the hours of 11AM to 5PM on Saturday June 24th, the Public is welcome to visit and observe Radio Club of Tacoma amateur radio operators practicing for emergency deployment and operation of their equipment.  For a period of 24 hours, we will make as many contacts as possible with participating hams all over the US and Canada.

W7DK plans to operate five HF (high frequency) stations simultaneously, with associated computers linked by a wireless mesh network operating on amateur frequencies in the 2.4 Ghz band.

Antennas planned are:

80M cage dipole (tree-supported)
40M 3-element wire beam + catenary dipole (tree-supported)
20M 3-element monoband beam (on 50-ft military surplus portable tower) for SSB
20M 3-element monoband beam (on 50-ft military surplus portable tower) for CW
15M 4-element monoband beam (on 30-ft extension ladder)
Cushcraft R8 vertical for digital operations on multiple bands

Radios planned are:

Icom IC-7600 for 80M and 15M CW and SSB
Icom IC-7700 for 20M SSB (provided by Icom -- THANKS Icom!)
Elecraft KX3 + KXPA100 amp for 20M CW
Icom IC-756 Pro III for 40M CW and SSB
Flex 3000 for digital operations on multiple bands

DATES AND TIMES (see detailed schedule below)

Date Activity  
June 23, Friday Setup

9AM:  meet at the Clubhouse, load, transport

11AM: arrive FD site for setup

June 24, Saturday Operation

11AM: contest starts

6PM: Pot Luck Dinner **

June 25, Sunday Operation and takedown

11AM: contest ends, take-down, load

1PM: transport to Clubhouse, unload

** Our traditional pot luck dinner will be held at the RCT Field Day site, Saturday June 24 at 6:00pm.  RCT will provide burgers, dogs, soft drinks and the typical accompanying fixin's.  As a participant, please bring a side dish or a dessert.

STATION MANAGERS for Field Day 2017:

80/75M and 15M CW/SSB - AD7QI and AC7BU


20M CW - KR7W


Digital - WE7P and N7OMS


Food Services - W7PFU and K7HTU
Message Traffic - WB4SPB
Public Information Table - AC7WW
Natural Power Station - AC7QN and KR7W
K6KPH/W1AW Bulletin - WB4SPB and KR7W
IT/Network - WB4SPB

For information, contact:



Detailed schedule


2016 Field Day Site Map

Field Day 2016

Now that 2016’s Field Day is over we can look back and congratulate ourselves on another well-executed effort.  The Friday setup went well, and some truly impressive shots were fired to launch lines over trees at the site.  Once again the majestic 20-meter mono-banders towered and wire antennas soared over the grounds of Western State Hospital.  Generators hummed (or roared) and the sounds of radio communication crackled through the air.

Weather conditions for this year’s Field Day event were very pleasant, with moderate temperatures and clear skies – a welcome change from last year’s sweltering heat.  Also different this year:  rather poor propagation.  In fact, there were no sunspots at all during Field Day, although we were fortunate to have low geomagnetic activity.

Anticipating poor conditions on 10M, 15M and VHF, we did not deploy separate stations for these bands, so our operating class was 4A (four transmitters on emergency power).  We set up a single station and antenna for 80M and 15M (which also managed to make a dozen 10M and 6M Qs), a station for 40M, a station for 20M CW and a station for 20M phone and digital contacts.  Total QSO count was 1226, down a bit from last year’s (6A) 1663 Qs.  The number of CW and phone/digital QSOs was roughly equal.  Our claimed score is 3762, and we’ll also get 950 bonus points for having four stations, public access and an information table, alternate (bicycle) power QSOs, message traffic origination and W1AW bulletin copy.

Total contacts by Band and Mode:

 Band       CW   Phone     Dig   Total       %

 ----       --   -----     ---   -----     ---

   80       57     136       0     193      16

   40      134     228       0     362      30

   20      372     185      61     618      50

   15       29       6       0      35       3

   10        0       4       0       4       0

    6        2      12       0      14       1

           ---   -----     ---   -----     ---

 Total     594     571      61   1,226     100


The following operators made QSOs:  AD7EU, W6RHY, AC7QN, WT7N, KF7GPO, WG7X, WB7TVS, K7BUD, AE7BM, W7MKE, AF7YD, W7MWF, K7ZG, KA7NWF, KF7SCB, K7MLO, W7XTZ, NG7G, W7LKG, K7TMW, WB7OYL, KG7HWU, KR7W and WB4SPB.

We had several new-to-Field-Day operators this year, including Liz W6RHY, Ron K7MLO, Mike W7MKE, Warren NG7G and Verna KF7SCB.

As always, our Master Chiefs of the Mess, Paul W7PFU and Jan K7HTU, fed us in fine style.

Our public information table was set up and staffed by John AC7WW and Connie Clarke, with assistance from Greta KF7KSW and Bob N7NCP Hewlett (and probably others).

Thanks to the many Club members who helped with directing, carrying, pounding, holding, holding forth, photographing, video-taping, conversing with visitors, etc.  Everyone helped to make this another successful Radio Club of Tacoma event.