FYBO Winter QRP Contest

Gary WG7X at the microphoneThe FYBO Winter QRP Contest event is held every year in Tacoma near the shores of Puget Sound

Members of the Radio Club of Tacoma venture outdoors on the first Saturday in February for the annual "freeze your buns off" contest! This is a fun wintertime event that takes place at various locations around Point Defiance Park. While in recent years we have used the picnic shelter at Owen Beach, in 2016 the Club's station W7DK will be on the air from the Rhododendron Garden picnic shelter with Members operating low power (5-watt) QRP stations on emergency battery power.

Scenic views of old growth forest and Puget Sound are spectacular. Dozens of phone and CW contacts are made with other stations around the country and sometimes with a foreign DX station or two. Since more points are earned by stations operating in the lowest temperatures, it's often an uphill struggle trying to beat those Minnesotans! It all starts with a pot of hot coffee and antenna setup early Saturday morning.

Often FYBO operation is accompanied by a hidden transmitter hunt, requiring "bunny hunters" to wander around the trails in Pt. Defiance Park. Operators (and hunters) bundle up against the cool breezes while folks enjoying a walk in the park wander by and inquire about the goings on. As the afternoon wraps up, most everyone promises that next year they will remember to bring more warm clothing.

The FYBO Contest is sponsored annually by the Arizona ScQRPions QRP Club.

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