Radio Club of Tacoma's 100th anniversary Centennial QSO Party

Centennial PinDuring the month of October 2016 we operated the Club's radio sets as W7DK/100. All stations with whom we logged at least one contact will receive a special edition of the Club's QSL card (sent to your FCC database address). Stations working W7DK/100 on five combinations of band and mode will receive the Club's centennial pin.  Our QSOs have been uploaded to Logbook of The World (LoTW) using callsign W7DK/100.

Thanks to all the stations we worked in over 400 QSOs.  Apologies to the stations we couldn't work through noise, QRM and less-than-wonderful conditions.

We fell short of WAS, by two states.  DE, we can understand.  MT... not so easy to explain.  We managed quite a few JT9 and JT65 contacts along with some PSK31, RTTY, and of course SSB and CW.

QSL cards have been mailed, and domestic destinations should have them by mid-January 2017. For DX recipients, a bit more time in transit can be expected. There's no need to SASE for this event.