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Posted 10/14/2020 for N7AME (non-member)

Good Day and thank for reading this note.     Our eldest member of our Amateur Radio Club, WA7LAW is retiring from radio service and would like to sell his equipment to someone who can use it whether a new ham or one that wants to change their radio.    

 Not all hams use, eBay or retail catalogues so I am providing a simple request of you to let your club members know this station equipment is available locally.     I am in Everett.     I also say that one or multiple items can be purchased without taking them all.

 I can be contacted via correspondence or telephone for questions and/or sales.       I can supply extra pictures if required.     Most of the information about the radios and associate pieces, I used Universal Radio’s website which does a good job of the equipment’s specifications and pictures.

 The list of his equipment includes a tower that will need to be removed from his property.     

 Kenwood TS-440S Transceivers - $300.00

Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor - $100.00

Kenwood PS-50 DC Power Supply - $75.00

Yaesu Speaker Phone Patch SP-901P - $75.00

Ham Rotor Model M w/ CDE control unit - $75.00

Mosley Classic 3 band/3 element Antenna - $100.00

ICOM IC-V8 2meter FM handheld radio, extra battery, charger and software $75.00

HP Envy 4520 Ink Printer - $25.00

Tri-Ex Tower Corp Three section hand crank to 70 foot – $550.00

Total - $1375.00

Thank you and 73,

 John Van Dalen