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SAFETY ... RF Safety Calculator

10 Meter Half Wave Vertical Antenna Design

Manhattan Style QRP Circuit Board Construction

A R D F ... Amateur Radio Direction Finding Information

Design for a 2-Meter TV Twinlead J-Pole Antenna

Design for 2-Meter and 70cm Dual Band J-Pole Antenna Protected in PVC Pipe

2 Meter Collinear J Pole Antenna in PVC Pipe

2 Meter Phased Vertical Antenna

Coax Cable Loss Calculator Web Page

The QRP Philosophy

Build It! 40 Meter Rock Bending Receiver ... found in ARRL 2006 Handbook

Simple Direct Conversion Receiver ... One Cubic Inch Direct Conversion Receiver by Monty Northrup, N5ESE

S-Meter Chart - GQRP Club Datasheet

Sunspot Propagation Demystified ... by ARRL

Amateur Radio Call Sign Systems ... how call signs are assigned by the FCC

Old! Sooper Shooter Slingshot / Fishing Reel Antenna Launcher Project (formerly in Logger's Bark)

Phil Silas, AD5X, who contributes many technical articles to QST ... click here for his website.