This page is dedicated to Amateur Radio CW, which is a very popular and effective mode of radio communication. When you dedicate your time and effort learning the "Code", you're discovering the FIRST mode of binary digital communications based on a telegraph system invented by Samuel F.B. Morse and Alfred Vail in the 1840's.

Straight Key Century Club

    • There's no membership fee! See the SKCC Website for information on getting your SKCC membership number. By contacting other SKCC members using mechanical telegraphy (i.e. with a straight key, bug or side-swiper), you can earn endorsements of all sorts and achieve the "Centurion", "Tribune" and even "Senator" levels. Practice CW by participating in the SKCC monthly 24-hour Weekend Sprintathon (WES) or 2-hour Straight Key Sprint (SKS).
    • Many RCT members are also members of the Straight Key Century Club.

CWops Resources

Long Island CW Club

    • Using Zoom, this group conducts CW instruction on many levels along with other kinds of training.  They have done a great deal of research into teaching and learning CW.  Details here.

Telegraph History

    • The Telegraph History website is maintained by John Casale, W2NI, of Troy, New York.
    • The website contains several articles that focus on U.S. telegraph history. The majority of the articles first appeared in the "Key and Telegraph" column of "The AWA Journal," the quarterly magazine of the Antique Wireless Association. The web versions have been expanded to include additional information, images and illustrations. Some have evolved into comprehensive sites. Other articles are original classic works by telegraph pioneers, engineers and inventors.

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