Tuesdays at 7:30 PM - 147.280 MHz

Net Control Stations:

First Tuesday - Chris, N7CPM
Second Tuesday - Scott, KA7IOX
Third Tuesday - Phil, K7PIA
Fourth Tuesday - Peter, AD7EU
Fifth Tuesday - Gary, WG7X

On the First Tuesday, net control station Chris N7CPM conducts a round table QSO after the net's formalities are concluded.  Stick around to participate or read the mail!  And if you enjoy this activity, please feel free to lobby for  expanding it to other net sessions.

The 2M Net Manager is Anne, N7ANN.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer for open spots or to serve as an alternate net control station.

Download the Net Control Script for the Tuesday Night Net.


 RCT members also participate in these nets



Sundays at 8:00 PM - 28.375 MHz

Net Control Station - WR7G


CERT Team Net, Mondays at 7:15 PM

1st Monday:  147.280 MHz repeater (tone 103.5)

Other Mondays:  147.470 MHz simplex


ARES nets

See Pierce County ARES website for a complete list of Events, Nets and Exercises.


NAQCC PNW80 slow speed CW social net

Thursdays, around sunset, currently meeting at 7 PM.  Also see this complete list of NAQCC nets.

PNW80 Frequency:  3.5565 MHz

Start time varies between 4PM and 7PM to accommodate DST and seasonal changes in regional propagation, as most participants are in the PNW.  Each session lasts 50-60 minutes (if propagation permits).

Early check-in begins 15 minutes before net start.  When the Net Control Station (NCS) sends "QNI K", you indicate your wish to check in by sending the first character of your call sign suffix.  For example, W7OS would send "O", and the NCS would respond with "O K", meaning the station sending "O" should go ahead.  This procedure helps the NCS to avoid check-ins doubling with each other.  To check in, transmit "DE <your callsign> K".  The NCS will acknowledge you and ask you to AS (di dah di di dit, to stand by).

Once the net officially starts, the NCS organizes a "roundtable" by transmitting a list of participants in the order they will have the floor (write this down).  NCS then gives control to the first station on the list.  Each station, in turn, transmits for a minute or three then calls the next station on the list.  After each round, the NCS will call for more checkins.  New checkins are generally added at the head of the list.

New and rusty practitioners of CW are very welcome.

Manager (and usual NCS):  Stewart KE7LKW