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Files - pdf file format preferred for preformatted materials. PDFs are appropriate for things like the membership application, club roster, club brochure, training class announcements, flyers for public events, club documents, forms, policies, checklists, instructions, records, technical articles, diagrams, presentation slides, and educational resource materials.

Text - plain text, or formatted text (RTF or MS Word doc or docx).

Photos - jpg or png.

Web Links - URL address of the external website. We do not publish content protected by copyright without permission, but it's usually OK to publish a link to another public website.

Other - check with the Website Administrator if your content doesn't fit any of these categories.


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Text - either plain text or formatted text (RTF or MS Word doc or docx) is acceptable. We'll edit your submission into a newsletter style using MS Publisher.

Photos - jpg or png - any size is OK. Photos selected for publication will be resized to fit the space available. Please provide a short description that we can use as a caption. Names and/or callsigns of individuals in photos would be extremely helpful.

Articles from Other Sources - From time to time we may include articles previously published in other media. If you submit an article for republication, please insure that it is not copyright protected or that you have obtained (in writing) permission to reprint the article. Any reprinted articles will be published with attribution to the original source or author.

Other - check with the Newsletter Editor if you have questions. You can send an article for the newsletter to the club's mailing address if email is not convenient for you.


Dave Ellison W7UUU
Editor, The Logger's Bark

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The Bark is published monthly, and the submission deadline is the 15th of each month.