Amateur Radio Websites:

Coordinated 10M Beacons (WI5V)

An up-to-date list of 10M propagation beacons, worldwide.

CQ Amateur Radio

CQ Amateur Radio Communications & Technology - the active ham's magazine

Islands on the Air - Western Washington

List of islands in IOTA Group NA-065

KØBG.COM - Mobile Radio

A website for mobile radio operators

Topics include: amplifiers, antennas, bonding, impedance matching, installing hardware, mobile equipment, noise and RFI abatement, and wiring 

K9YA Telegraph

Home of the Robert F Heytow, K9YA (SK) Memorial Radio Club

Telegraph e-Zine is a general interest ham radio publication.

Visit the website to subscribe to the email newsletter; its free!

Pacific Northwest Hamfairs and Events

A current listing of hamfests, amateur radio license and training classes, and other events in the Pacific Northwest

Site maintained by Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO

Potomac Valley Radio Club

The Atlantic region's premier contesting club

Educational resources ... links to recorded webinars

Summits on the Air

SOTA is an award scheme that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas

The website includes a database where you can find a complete list of all SOTA Summits

Download the SOTA Association Reference Manual for U.S.A. W7-Washington (128 pages)

Related websites:

Pacific Northwest SOTA website

SOTA Watch ... chasers can help by spotting summit activators when they make it to the top.


My Top Five Backyard Multi-Band Wire HF Antennas

21-page article from 2004 by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK)

Article describes these five antennas: (1) broadside doublet, (2) dipole-doublet, (3) fanned dipole, (4) horizontally oriented and polarized loop, (5) inverted-L

Antique Radios:

Puget Sound Antique Radio Association (PSARA)

"We are a diverse group of radio collectors, tinkerers, buyers and sellers, and restorers of vintage radios, televisions, and associated equipment."

PSARA members may receive a monthly newsletter by email.

History of Telecommunication:

The History of Telecommunications - links to other references and a listing of historical events - by Shortel


International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) - List of Member Societies

This page includes web links to many IARU member associations in other countries around the world.

The American Radio Relay League represents the United States at the IARU.

Maritime Radio:

Maritime Radio Historical Society

This dedicated group of volunteers is documenting, preserving and restoring the artifacts of maritime radio history.

Radio station KPH (in Point Reyes National Seashore) is being restored ... including amateur station K6KPH.

Check out the video of operator "DA" sending the ceremonial closing CW transmission for KPH/KFS/KSM.


RFI, Unintentional Antennas, and Ferrites

By Jim Brown, K9YC, Audio Systems Group, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA

(presentation slides)


Ham Radio Now

This excellent on-line amateur radio program is produced about once a week by David Goldenberg W0DHG.

Ham Radio Now is viewer supported - if you like it, please consider making a contribution.