The latest release of the W7DK.ORG website went live in April, 2012.

This website was developed using Joomla!, an open source content management system. If you're interested in learning more about the website technology, please get in touch with the website administrator.

USER ACCOUNTS -- Club members are encouraged to create a user account on the W7DK.ORG website. Registered users may log in with their user name and password to access the member's only menu, which is displayed above the main menu in the left column of the home page. Important - when creating a new account, please use your ham radio call sign as your User Name. That makes it a lot easier to keep track. Thanks!

LOG IN PROBLEMS? -- If you encounter trouble logging in or don't receive the automatic validation message in your email inbox when you first create your new account, please contact the website administrator. We're happy to help. Technical glitches in the process are usually easily fixed.


  • Account creation will succeed only for dues-paid members.
  • Members who do not renew their dues may find their website access disabled until reinstatement.  If you renewed late and are unable to access the website, please send email to the Website Administrator.



Website Administrator
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